“This is the great capital of New York City. We will not strike there where so many expect targets to be located.” His long, dark index finger moved eastward, following the patterns of the roads. “Instead, our objective is to the east where those who work in this great American city live with their families and believe they are safe. This is also the location of Abdul Jehmar’s family. He is seldom there, but that is of no consequence. It is his children we are after, and they live here on what is called Long Island.”
His finger stopped on a large round dot approximately a third of the way along the middle of the narrow land mass. “This is the place where all three of Abdul Jehmar’s beautiful young daughters attend school. Central High School it is called. Here is where we will strike.”

AUTHOR: John Arthur Long
GENRE: contemporary_fiction
PUBLISHED: Jan 17, 2017

Told with elements of heart-rending pathos, nerve-wracking tension and scenes of disarming humor, THE MEAN is a riveting novel of school days that looks at the nature of true learning, the best and worst in public education, the drama of human relationships and the threat of violence that has recently become such an integral part of our lives.